Open Singing / Denis Thuillier (France)

For all.


Open Singing is a communal singing event where everybody is invited to sing. It is neither a choral rehearsal nor a formal choral concert, but rather an open event in which anyone can join without any conditions, just for the pleasure of singing together.

During the festival open singing will take place daily. Look out for the Festival Songbook compiled especially for the occasion.


thuillier-denis-200-x-200Born in 1974 in Paris, Denis Thuiller grew up surrounded by music: choral singing with À Cœur Joie and the choir “La Brénadienne” in Brunoy (Essone), piano and music theory, then choir conducting in Marianne Guengard class at Paris 7th district Conservatoire. As a professional choir conductor since 2004, Denis conducts several children and adult choirs around Paris. He has been very often relied upon (especially by the À Coeur Joie association) both in France and abroad to conduct ateliers or to participate in choir conductors training that cover all kinds of musical styles, from classical to world music, including gospel and jazz. Increasing his involvement with amateur singers, he created in 2013 the VoCA company, which offers activities and workshops in the business world.